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‘Tim was incredibly professional, calm and neutral. He had a great amount of empathy for the matter involved yet was able to assist in removing the emotion out of the topics discussed ‘

‘Prior to mediation the two parties were in a position where the partnership we had entered was about to fall over due to inability of the parties to agree on the terms of the contract. Post mediation with Tim Foote the partnership has flourished due to the mediation process allowing a full exploration of the sticking points, which led to some break-throughs for each party in understanding the other which subsequently led to agreement to continue working together. A 5 year partnership for the benefit of our whole community has successfully proceeded due to the high level of skill Tim brought to the mediation table.’

‘Tim did a fantastic job and if I was able to recommend someone it would be him.
Thanks Tim’

‘Very professional. It was a painful process but Tim was empathetic but remained neutral. I was sceptical entering mediation but it proved to be a positive experience.’

‘I felt really comfortable with Tim and that he had fostered a safe environment for me to share my views during mediation. He managed to guide the conversation effectively so that progress continued to be made, recognising when either party needed a break, and addressed any problems that arose quickly so that nothing escalated into an argument.’

Workshops and training

‘Tim ran a full-day training on facilitation skills for our volunteers. He really listened to our organisation’s needs and context when designing the training, and we found the combination of theory and practice to be a great way to break down a big topic. He took the group on a journey towards understanding and practicing their individual facilitation skills, while always linking it back to our organisational values and style of facilitation. Our facilitators now feel a lot more confident that they can take on these roles and handle difficult situations that might come up while facilitating as a result of attending the training. We would thoroughly recommend a workshop with Tim to anyone wanting to learn or increase their knowledge around facilitation.’